Plasma-vault _ retain or import?

hi Team -
I’m planning a distro transition and wonder if there’s a way to import or retain the plasma-vault I currently have?


There is! The information for it is contained in config files and data that live in ~/.config and ~/.local/share, so just make sure you’re coping the contents of those folders to your new system. Yes, the whole thing! This way you’ll keep all the config data for your other apps and system services too.

If for some reason you really want to copy only the data for Plasma Vaults and nothing else, you’ll find what you need in ~/.config/plasmavaultrc and ~/.local/share/plasma-vault/.

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Hi ngraham -
Thx for that post.
All I really care about is the data.
In my case, I have a system partition and a /home partition for all of my data. If I understand it (for the most part) those files will still be in place when I migrate distros. I know I need to create the vault (to place the icon on the panel). My guess is that the Vault will not auto-magically be seen. Would it better if I just copied the files off and recreate?

If you switch out the / partition and don’t touch the /home partition, then all your files and configuration data–including everything to do with your Plasma Vaults–will still be there. You won’t need to do anything; it should be auto-detected.

Backing up the contents of the vault can’t hurt either, just in case something goes wrong.

Great. Thx again.