Plasma Wayland Showstoppers - Windows Can Cover

I found half a dozen issues around the “Windows can cover” setting for plasma panels under Wayland, and now I am informed that this feature gets deprecated.

We will get a new, comparable solution.

The old, broken solution will stay unfixed for Plasma5, use X11 here if you want that feature to work. I wanted to share that with you, in case you also encounter issues with it in your Wayland testing.

There is no official discontinuation message out yet, so don’t waste your time on this feature. :slight_smile:

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thanks for sharing the info. Windows can cover is something I use on my desktop. Find it quite handy.

Good to know it’s regressed/get’s deprecated for wayland, so when plasma on wayland will be stable one day on FreeBSD, I know what to check.

keep up the good work.

It gets a replacement, and it will not be deprecated for Wayland, but for Plasma6.
The new implementation is called auto hide.

This will include the “dodge window” effect from other platforms, and reuse existing code, so that it stays maintained and becomes easier to test.

Overall an improvement. :slight_smile:

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