Plasma will not keep my default video player

I have Garuda installed and it’s completely updated to Plasma 6.0.2. I use SMPlayer as my video player and have gone into System Settings/Apps & Windows/Default Applications and set SMPlayer as the default it works fine clicking on any video file as well as m3u files, but if I do a reboot and then click on a video file or a m3u file it launches VLC instead. I honestly have no idea why this behavior is occurring. It was fine before the Plasma 6 update.

How did you set this? Through system settings?
I normally just right click on the file and make sure that Haruna (its what I use) is the default for the file type. I’ve stopped using the system settings for this years ago and never have an issue this way. I just noticed looking at it through the system settings it seems to have reset some of my defaults. It notifys me next to Audacious about what VLC has taken over from it.

Rather it’s done through the System Settings or I right-click the file, select Open With, Other Applications, start typing select SMPlayer, check the box, click apply and have the file play upon reboot the default will be VLC again.

I don’t want to remove VLC just to fix the issue. Just taking the system down to one video player won’t solve the under-the-hood issue even if it has to choose SMPlayer cause there is nothing else on the system.

As for VLC I will not use something that’s been around forever and has to be resetup every time a video is played and is extremely resource-heavy.

This issue as far as I can tell only affects the video defaults and maybe the audio defaults cause .m3u filkes after reboot default back to Audacious.

Have you tried to change it here?

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I’ll give that a go and see what milage I get. Thanks

I found my most important ones and removed VLC from them, but That needs a search feature.

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