[Plasma6] KDE Chinese communities | organizing a megarelease party

我们组织了 Megarelease 在中国的发布派对

跟随着 KDE Megarelease 6 在全球的发布派对之后, KDE Network China 已计划于3月23日在杭州举办 Plasma6 发布的庆祝活动。

这次活动由杭州 LUG (@HZLUG)的朋友帮助我们举行,我们将会在其中的一些环节介绍 Plasma6、讨论 FOSS/FLOSS 的一些话题。

活动的进一步信息可以访问 wiki 页面的 China 章节来获取,期待有兴趣的中国 KDE 开发者、爱好者来参加。

English Version:

We are organizing a Megarelease party in China.

Following the KDE Megarelease 6 global parties, KDE Netwrok China has planned a Plasma 6 release party on March 23rd in Hangzhou.

The event is organized with the help of our friends at Hangzhou LUG(@HZLUG), and will include sessions introducing Plasma 6 and discussing anything about FOSS/FLOSS.

Further information about this party can be found in the China section of the wiki page, and we look forward to welcoming all interested Chinese KDE developers and enthusiasts.

Please contact @brsvh for more details.