Party games for KDE's Megarelease 6 in February?

KDE’s Megarelease 6 is quickly approaching.

Local communities are already planning to hold megarelease parties, more will certainly join them.

Inspired by the hacker playfulness at the Chaos Communication Congress a couple of weeks ago, I was thinking we could come up with some games to celebrate this milestone for our community.

Got a game idea? An activity to entertain a crowd? Add them to the comments!

All games related to KDE Plasma 6.0 and its development are welcome.


Pin the tail on the Konqi.


For the Berlin megarelease party we are thinking of making a KDE Plasma 6.0 bingo game with the usual setup for bingo:

  • New features (e.g., here) are written on pieces of paper and put into a container.
  • Partygoers have their bingo cards, a refreshing drink, and a good mood.
  • The pieces of paper with new features are randomly pulled out of the container and announced one-by-one until a partygoer gets bingo.

How the features are announced could be a source of creativity. Reading it out loud is the usual way. A couple of other ideas are:

  • The announcer demonstrates the features on a computer running KDE Plasma 6.0 and partygoers have to guess which feature it is (interactive).
  • Feature-charades / pantomime / interpretive dance from the announcer (silly) and partygoers again have to guess (interactive).
  • Your ideas?
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The new features could also be used for Plasma 6 Jeopardy.

How about a party game of celebrity bobble-heads on the Plasma 6 development team?

How does one include a location on the map? I thought it would be automagic :person_shrugging: , but I included Málaga on the wiki and nothing happened

Also added Ljubljana, Slovenia, and it also does not show up on the map.

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