[Plasma6] KDE Japanese communities | organizing a megarelease party

Apologies for posting in English. I unfortunately do not speak or write Japanese and am uncomfortable posting content using machine translation without being able to check the output!

Plasma 6 Megarelease

KDE’s Megarelease 6 is quickly approaching (Schedules/Plasma 6 - KDE Community Wiki). The end of February is just around the corner and several local communities are already planning to hold megarelease parties. The current list includes Barcelona, Cambridge, and Berlin:

Promo/Events/Parties/KDE 6th Megarelease - KDE Community Wiki

I am writing to ask if any KDE Japanese communities would like to organize a party for this milestone. If yes, that’d be wonderful! Please add your local community to the above list and let’s start coordinating. And if anyone in the community plans to be at FOSDEM in Brussels 3-4 February, it may be helpful to organize an in-person meetup to plan.

Be in touch!

We have even started collected some Plasma 6 party ideas :slight_smile:

Party games for KDE’s Megarelease 6 in February?

Global Communities

Regarding KDE’s global communities: in order to collect information in one place, links to translation teams, community websites, local networking and support channels, as well as the local community promo work of “KDE Network” are being listed at the community wiki:

Global Communities - KDE Community Wiki

Check it out and please let me know if any information for KDE Japanese communities is missing or out-of-date. This is very much a work in progress, and information scattered around KDE was included without checking its status. Your input will be really helpful.

Japanese Version / 日本語翻訳版

Plasma 6 大型リリース

KDEの大型リリース6 は急接近しています(Schedules/Plasma 6 - KDE Community Wiki)。2月の終わりごろにはいくつかの地域で大型リリース祭の計画がされています。現在のリストでは、バルセロナ、ケンブリッジ、ベルリンとなっています:

Promo/Events/Parties/KDE 6th Megarelease - KDE Community Wiki



私たちは Plasma 6 のパーティーのアイデアを集め始めました :slight_smile:

Party games for KDE’s Megarelease 6 in February?


KDEのグローバルコミュニティについて: 情報を一箇所に集約するために、翻訳、コミュニティのウェブサイト、ローカルネットワーク、サポートチャンネル、そして"KDE Network"のローカルコミュニティ広報活動へのリンクをコミュニティwikiに掲載しています:

Global Communities - KDE Community Wiki


Hi Joseph,
Thanks for the information and apologies for the late reply.

Because KDE Discuss is not so widely used in the Japanese community yet, so I will forward this message to kde-jp mailing list.

Unfortunately, Japanese KDE community is not so active in recent years, so I’m not sure if there are some people whose motivation to host the release party.
However, there are a person who is interested in hosting a meetup in Tokyo, so I will ask him if he will host the release party.

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That would be great! If you’d like perhaps we could discuss reviving the Japanese KDE community some time. I am interested in strengthening KDE’s wonderful global communities and it would be nice to brainstorm ways to support the Japanese community.

Don’t forget to add the event to the community wiki (or let me know if you cannot edit it): Promo/Events/Parties/KDE 6th Megarelease - KDE Community Wiki


Unfortunately, the person who was considering to host a meetup no-longer appears on the webchat. There are no other persons who are considering to host the release party, so I guess it would not be held in Japan this time.

Thanks anyway for caring for Japanese community.

Great news: There will be a megarelease party in Tokyo on 8 March :smile:

See the wiki for details: Promo/Events/Parties/KDE 6th Megarelease - KDE Community Wiki

And the Discuss announcement: Plasma 6 東京リリースパーティー