[Plasma6] KDE Korea | organizing a megarelease party

Apologies for posting in English. I unfortunately do not speak or write Korean and am uncomfortable posting content using machine translation without being able to check the output.

Plasma 6 Megarelease

KDE’s Megarelease 6 is quickly approaching (Schedules/Plasma 6 - KDE Community Wiki). The end of February is just around the corner and several local communities are already planning to hold megarelease parties. The current list includes Barcelona, Cambridge, and Berlin:

Promo/Events/Parties/KDE 6th Megarelease - KDE Community Wiki

I am writing to ask if any KDE Korea communities would like to organize a party for this milestone. If yes, that’d be wonderful! Please add your local community to the above list and let’s start coordinating. And if anyone in the community plans to be at FOSDEM in Brussels 3-4 February, it may be helpful to organize an in-person meetup to plan.

Be in touch!

We have even started collected some Plasma 6 party ideas :slight_smile:

Party games for KDE’s Megarelease 6 in February?

Global Communities

Regarding KDE’s global communities: in order to collect information in one place, links to translation teams, community websites, local networking and support channels, as well as the local community promo work of “KDE Network” are being listed at the community wiki:

Global Communities - KDE Community Wiki

There is currently nothing listed for Korea! I will add this Discuss community to the wiki, but please let me know if there are any communication channels I should add there. This list is very much a work in progress. Your input will be really helpful.


Not sure if anyone wants to organize something in Korea but I’m down to come if they do!

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I am currently in contact with someone organizing an event in Seoul on 3 March. Once I have more info, it will be posted here.

Sorry for late. I didn’t for watching discuss board, and didn’t think about KDE 6 Mega Release event until @joseph find me on mailling list.

In Korea event, I’ll prepare some computer to build KDE 6 release code, comparing with KDE 5 Plasma. To write some new features in Korean, we’ll review code, discuss and write articles for people.

If someone watch this reply and want to participate event, please make me know with mailing to kde6megarelease@kde.or.kr. Cause the place it is too narrow to people crowded.


Wonderful news, thanks for organizing @jachin!

Check out the Wiki page for more info :tada: