Plasma6 kmail not starting (sieve)

On upgrading to plastma 6 I have a issue with kmail in that it crashed immediately on startup.

Interestingly if I stop akonadi first with “akonadictl stop” it starts ok. Also If I disable the “Server Supports Sieve” option it also stars ok. If I then enable it it after starting up it will allow me to edit my sieve scripts.

The error from stdout is.

ASSERT: “job == mSieveJob” in file ./src/ksievecore/vacation/vacationcheckjob.cpp, line 68
*** KMail got signal 6 (Exiting)
*** Dead letters dumped.
KCrash: Application ‘kmail’ crashing… crashRecursionCounter = 2

DrKonki did not have a crash log for me to submit.