Plasmashell 100% Usage While WiFi Reconnecting

My WiFi configuration is a bit wacky and sometimes disconnects and stays in a “loading” animation until I click on it in the system tray. This happened the other day when I was about to leave somewhere, so I just closed my laptop to deal with it later. When I pulled my laptop back out later, it was very hot. I unlocked it and the reconnecting animation was still showing and plasmashell was using 100% CPU. I had to kill and restart plasmashell to fix it. It really looks like bug 356479 which was marked as closed in 2020, but relates to animations causing 100% usage in plasmashell. Should I try to recreate the bug and reopen the bug? Is anyone else still experiencing this?

My setup:
I am using Asahi Linux on an M1 Macbook Air, and the arm architecture might be the cause.
Arch Linux Arm
KDE Plasma: 5.27.5
KDE Frameworks: 5.107.0
Qt: 5.15.10
Kernel: 6.3.0-asahi-8-1-edge-ARCH (64-bit)