Please correct me if I'm wrong... but

I like the idea of Activities, but I have a problem with it.

As it currently stands I find it difficult to integrate into my work flow. One of the reasons for this is that, if I set 9 workspaces on one Activity, I get 9 workspaces on every other Activity, whether I find that useful or not. Some of the Activities I perform, require more Work spaces than others.

NOTE: I turn off ‘Buttons to alter count of Virtual Desktops’, so that I have a fixed number of workspaces.

So for example for coding I might have 4, possibly 5 workspaces, for basic Social 2 maybe 3, for Movies 1 maybe 2.

That and the fact that accessing Activities is not quite as intuitive as it should be… for example if I set Screen edges to display the Activity manager, it always slides in from the left hand side of the screen, no matter what screen edge I choose.

If I could have the number of Workspaces I require for each activity, and the activity manager could be set to slide in from Screen edge I’ve set, that would make it much more useful to me.

Activities and Virtual Desktops should of been integrated together by now. Either the few features from Activities that aren’t available in Virtual Desktops should be rolled in to Virtual Desktops, or the features in Virtual Desktops that aren’t available in Activities should be rolled into Activities. There really is no legitimate reason to have both Activities and Virtual Desktops.

I find that having (3) workspaces in each activity - (7) at the moment - gives me the balance and separation that I could not get with workspaces alone. That being said, a merger of the two features makes a lot of sense.

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