Please make it possible to turn off all animations related to thumbnails

Yesterday, I was finally forced to turn off the thumbnails entirely for folders in Dolphin, because they kept animating (cycling between different thumbnails while the cursor is hovering the folder) and it was driving me nuts. So now I have “visually anonymous” folders which makes it harder to get a quick overview of what a bunch of sub-folders contain.

There is no option anywhere to turn this off without disabling thumbnails entirely, which I find puzzling to say the least. I expected there to at least be some hidden configuration setting in a text file, even if it’s not yet in the GUI settings, but (assuming that my understanding is correct) this is not the case.

The same issue happens when there’s a bunch of video files in a dir; you must either have thumbnails turned off entirely, which is not desirable, or those animated thumbnails which distract my eyes when trying to work with files.

Please give us the ability to choose static thumbnails, rather than having to turn them off entirely. Anything that moves around/animates is extremely distracting and stressful. I don’t understand why people keep doing this, both in desktop environments and on webpages. I also don’t understand how people are able to watch sports with animated ad banners all around stealing one’s eyes’ focus from the actual game being played.

Maybe this is planned for Plasma 6?

I was/am looking for something completely different and my mouse goes to

In that there is a link might be worth a try, thought of you stressing out,

Hopefully when you try this could you find the time to detail how that went,

I’m copying those pages to pdf so when I finish my work for the year this will be something of a benefit to do because sometimes not always those animes are distracting.

Hope this helps and hope you share how that went also.

I don’t understand what you mean by this.

Ahh OK !
I dread asking this -= What don’t you understand .

Look at my question. Then look are you response. I don’t see any relation. What did you mean by it?

D I Y , Do it yourself , IF it doesn’t get to be in Plasma6 , SIGH, I showed you links to an opportunity to do it yourself for your just have to have this, just same as many other Linux users have done and will do . surely you understand now or is it still clear as mud.

You must have posted the wrong URLs, because they don’t explain how to do what I asked at all. And you are rude.

@artytux posted links to help you set a static image on the folders instead of an animation. He gave you a method to DIY and I don’t see where it was rude. You seem to have a hard time understanding what people tell you and then you take offense to it. This would normally not be a huge issue, but you post a LOT of questions, so you can expect a LOT of interaction from others here who try to help.

Umm just got finished with some work (acrylic on canvas), @WilsonEPhillips explained it all very well and wrong URLs I’ll go check, no the info on ASKubuntu , wow it is correct ,
that is what you requested

This is not necessary, you dis me HA !

Seems you take offence when help is offered then I will shut the gate : Goodbye sir . . .
yeah yeah I know it’s offense. :rofl:

I’m closing this thread, none of this is really relevant for their issue and it’s really embarrassing from all sides :frowning:

@ExXfceUser This might be a better matter for as a wishlist bug, it seems like a reasonable request.