Please start testing kde-builder if using kdesrc-build


Many of kde developers already heard of kde-builder - a replacement for kdescr-build. But if you did not - it is a reimplementation of kdesrc-build, rewritten in Python. The goal of the project is that it is much easier to hack on/contribute to the Python project vs Perl project.

If you are using kdesrc-build tool, please try out kde-builder: SDK / KDE Builder · GitLab

The current state of the tool is that it is ready to use. But I want to ensure that every developer is satisfied with it. I.e., try to use it for every scenario you use kdesrc-build for. And please provide feedback: did you not noticed any differences or did you found some bug?

In the end, the kdesrc-build would be archived. And when introducing big changes, such as for example, metadata format update, we would need to code in only one tool. The kdesrc-build would then become incompatible. This is why it is important to ensure that everybody are switched, and not staying with kdesrc-build because “it works for you currently”.

Waiting for your feedback :slight_smile:


I’ve used it for a while (since I got asked about the icon license) and so far it’s been a drop-in replacement that just works :+1:

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