Pollution in the shortcuts KCM

So the Plasma keyboard shortcuts feature is one of my personal “selling points” when it comes to Plasma’s best features, but there’s one thing that’s been bothering me since the dawn of time (or when I started using Plasma), and that’s the amount of pollution that ends up automatically added to it. Is this a common issue? Here’s what I mean:

Just like the application shortcuts editor, apps like Okular and Krita get duplicated by abysmal amounts, there are currently 23 Kritas in my shortcuts editor. I guess it has to do with mime types?

The other thing are when Wine apps get added to the shortcuts editor, but that’s less of an issue because they don’t get a million duplicates… Still a bit annoying though.

Either way, does anyone else experience this? Can I somehow avoid it? Thanks! :smiley:

I never suffered that ‘pollution’ and am curious how you got so many entries for Okular there…

It appears that you deleted them without hitting ‘apply’ which should remove any entries marked with the curly arrow (shows you selected to delete but did not yet apply the changes).

I did apply, and that does remove them all, the screenshot is just for illustrational purposes :slight_smile:
They do come back however, I haven’t pinpointed when that is, but maybe when the relevant packages are upgraded if I were to guess… I don’t exactly visit the shortcuts menu very often, but when I do, they’re always there to welcome me back :sweat_smile:

I’m very curious as to what I’m doing wrong to spawn so many shortcuts if it’s not a widespread issue. All I’m doing is install the packages and leave them be until I need them, on Arch Linux if that matters.

I dunno - but I’m confident you’re on the right track there. I think about 95% of KDE issues were caused either directly by me, or by something caused by me messing around. If it doesn’t break, you’re just not trying hard enough :rofl:

I generally start with Dolphin dual-pane ~ then make and enter a new folder named 000 Bak and get hidden stuff showing.

After that, it’s a case of moving a bunch of suspect stuff into the folder, then ctrl_alt_Delete and log in again - if it’s fixed, you found it. If not, then throw those files back home and move the next batch.

I once had a strange bug, and I mean really strange, where one of my config files had a completely unrelated effect. I can’t even remember, it was really obscure - but with KDE being slightly complicated there can be some ghosts in the machine that don’t entirely make sense. Sometimes they clear up clearing out the crud.

This sounds like ‘apply’ is having trouble writing your file… so that could be related to that…

mv ~/.kde4/share/config/kdeglobals ~/.kde4/share/config/kdeglobalsOLD

  • log out and log in again. Mess about to see if it’s cleared up…

Personally, I have plenty of BTRFS (one month/week/3 days 3 hourly) snapshots and rsync backups on HDD so that I can compare/pull back configuration files like this - compare file directories side by side - copy the file home, then compare in my favourite Meld.

meld ~/.kde4/share/config/kdeglobals ~/.kde4/share/config/kdeglobalsOLD to put shortcuts back and leave whatever error there might be behind.

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