Popup error dialog, KIO worker prob

Ubuntu 20.04 with kdenlive 23.04.1
Dismiss the dialog, kdenlive works fine.
How can I fix or get rid of this dialog?

Hi. I have the exact same problem & I wonder if you found a solution?

Never found any solution… I just lived with the annoyance. Recently I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 22.04 with a Gnome desktop, for other reasons. But in doing that, leaving KDE/Plasma behind, I find Gnome my reliable choice. Good luck.

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Does that dialog appear when you use the AppImage?

The AppImage has been the only executable I’ve ever used. Under U22.04 with Gnome / Mutter environment, I no longer have any problems.

Here are some more details about this defect. This is mostly an annoyance because it delays the start-up of kdenlive. After clicking on the OK button things seem to work OK.

Bug report: 454185 – On startup, error popup: Unable to create io-slave
was closed (now reopened) because it could not be reproduced.

The KIO-worker-popup started to appear in kdenlive-22.04.2 on my Ubuntu and mxlinux laptops. Both use KDE Plasma for the desktop. KDE Plasma seems to be the important part for reproducing the bug.

  • kdenlive-21.12.2-x86_64.appimage - no popup with this and earlier versions
  • kdenlive-22.04.2-x86_64.AppImage - KIO-worker-popup first appears with this version and all other versions after this.

File attached on the bug report: KIO-worker-popup.zip
README.txt - see this file for more information
KIO-worker-popup.png - show the popup dialog
ubuntu-laptop-details.xml - System info, OS, package versions
mxlinux-laptop-details.xml - System info, OS, package versions
kdenlive-21.12.2-ub.log - startup output from kdenlive-21.12.2 on ubuntu
kdenlive-22.04.2-ub.log - startup output from kdenlive-22.04.2 on ubuntu
kdenlive-23.04.3-ub.log - startup output from kdenlive-23.04.1 on ubuntu
kdenlive-21.12.2-mx.log - startup output from kdenlive-21.12.2 on mxlinux
kdenlive-22.04.2-mx.log - startup output from kdenlive-22.04.2 on mxlinux

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I am using MX-Linux without KDE Plasma (xfce) and it still happens. As discussed here: https://discuss.kde.org/t/kdenlive-unable-to-create-kio-worker-can-not-find-a-kio-worker-for-protocol-tags/

I have only tested the two latest appimages, and it occurs on both, like you say.

I wonder if you have tested 21.12.3

In my testing, 21.12.3 was the version that started the problems. This version and every version after it has the problem on my system. 21.12.2 and earlier work fine.