Popup window to switch to other screens

Hi everybody! First of all let me thank the KDE developers for such a great product! It’s incredible that I can use this for free! I have everything configured as I need it, but there is one problem that I just can’t solve. A window constantly pops up asking me to switch to another screen. This happens 10-20 times a day. I don’t need to switch my screen anywhere and I would like to disable this popup. I looked through all the settings, but did not find where this can be disabled. Help me please!

Thanks for the kind words about our work! It’s nice to feel appreciated.

As for the screen arrangement popup, it shouldn’t be appearing randomly. There are three events that can make it appear:

  1. You hit Meta+P on your keyboard
  2. You hit the “detect screens” button on your keyboard (if it has one)
  3. The system detects that a new screen has been connected for the first time

I suspect #3 is happening, and some bug is causing the screen to get re-detected as new over and over again.

Can you share some details about your physical hardware setup, and in particular everything about your screens and how they’re connected?