Possible to share gps location via kde connect?

Hi, is it possible to share a gps location from my android phone and have it open google maps on my computer or other android tablet via kde connect? I’m trying to make it so send a gps location via kde connect it will either show up as a notification, or just open up google maps with the sent location. Currently it seems like kde connect just sends the coordinates as text, and that’s not what i want. My goal is to have a tablet in my car, and via kde connect, i can share locations directly to the tablet. The tablet doesn’t have google play, otherwise i could probably use something like pushbullet. I would prefer to use kde connect for this job, but i’m open to suggestions if anyone has any. Thanks


Would also love this functionality. Rather than buy a dedicated GPS receiver, I’d like to be able to piggyback a laptop off of my phones built-in one.

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It would be great feature if it is possible to be implemented. I think KDE Connect should be able to create a virtual GPS device that catch the data from the phone’s device.