Post-v2.10 new features and development news

Showing all new features of the development branch

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Implementing more functions

  • equal()
  • if()
  • between()
  • outside()
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New Docksystem

  • Properties and Project Docks can be minimized
  • All Elements can be freely positioned
  • Position is stored in the project and will be restored during project load

Dracula Application Theme

ODS import support

New Plot type: Q-Q Plot

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Column statistics spreadsheet

New plot type: Lollipop Plot

Extended search & replace

Zoom by respecting mouse position

Zoom at the position of the mouse cursor instead always at the center of the plot


  • Only when “Nice extend” is disabled
  • Only for linear scaling (log, … are coming in the future)

New plot type: KDE Plot

Worksheet Preview

Widget to preview all worksheets

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Locking elements

Gives the possibility to lock elements and ignoring all interaction. Useful when finished to work on an element and don’t wanna unintentionally changing it.

Just right click on the element and “lock”

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LabPlot is a very cool piece of software. Thank you for making it even cooler and thanks for sharing the new features

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Fast creation of WorksheetElements

Press one of the following keyboard keys to insert at the desired position a new element without going through the context menu:

  • T → Textlabel
  • R → Reference Range
  • L → Reference Line
  • I → Image
  • M → Custom Point

Navigation Panel in presenter mode

Spraklines in the spreadsheet:

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Better support for Origin projects:

S.a. a couple of examples for imported plots on

Text alignment (left, center, right, block) in text labels: