POTD options not showing up

I recently installed KDE Neon and I don’t see the option to use picture of the day as wallpaper.

Presumably, I need to install something that will make it appear. Does anyone know what that is?

Do you have kdeplasma-addons installed?

Yes. Here’s what I see:

$ sudo pkcon search kdeplasma-addons
Installed       kdeplasma-addons-data-4:5.27.10-0xneon+22.04+jammy+release+build26.all (auto:user_jammy-jammy-main)     locale files for kdeplasma-addons

I think kdeplasma-addons-data is only for locale files for kdeplasma-addons
Atleast Ubuntu seems to package it like that. kdeplasma-addons package : Ubuntu

For your issue I found this bug report:

Looks like a packaging issue

Thanks, that seems to be it. I too don’t have kdeplasma-addons package on my machine.

you are looking for plasma-wallpapers-addons

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That did the trick. Thank you!