Prevent shutdown of external usb at unmounting

if i unmount a usb-storage-device it’s shut down and i have to repower the device. is there a setting or config where i can prevent that the device is shut off at unmounting so that i can remount it without repowering the device ?


At the moment, no–or at least not from the GUI.

thanks for your answer. is there any plan to implement it ? i can unmount manually without shutting down, it would be really appreciated if there is an option in the settings to enable/disable the shutdown. i checked the internet for this behaviour meanwhile and i’m not the first one who claims this behaviour. it would be great if you devs would/can implement it.

Oops, I didn’t read it carefully. Ignore my previous comment.

yes i was thinking about unmounting in dolphin etc… but as a first step is it possible to integrate such an option at the icon in the tray for external devices ? that would help a lot even if it still wouldn’t work in dolphin… it would be a first step that invents some better functionality at all.

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I have had this happen as well and just went on with life, but I have to admit, an option for “un-mount” and a second option for “un-mount and remove” would be quite handy. :slightly_smiling_face:

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i would already be satisfied if there would be an option in the settings-menu to control the behaviour. i agree in most common used ways the automatic shutdown makes sense ( because the device gets physical disconnected), but there are also moments that you just need to unmount an external device temporarily and remount it later again. yes it’s possible to do so in terminal but it’s not a handy solution.

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IIRC not shutting off was the original behaviour, but this led to many cases of damaged disc drives because the heads had not been parked that the shut-off policy was introduced. I vaguely speculate that Windows did it first, and it became important to avoid the idea that “Linux destroys hardware”.

you’re right, but linux isn’t windows. it’s a hard work to satisfy all occuring problems especially if people who are new to linux do mistakes cause they were used to windows. to the other hand linux should also focus on people who use linux, because it has this options that aren’t provided to windows. as @WilsonEPhillips stated, the option how to release would be a great improvement and both of us aren’t the only ones if you search the internet for this behaviour (it’s not a problem nor a bug).

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To me, it is not a huge deal, but a minor inconvenience. Having both options would be nice. I can’t see how it would be difficult to do. I am not a coder and would not know where to find the section of code to look at, but could probably work through doing it myself, but I would not be bold enough to put it into a pull request.

Like @olli72 said, I doubt we are the only two people that would like this option. :rofl:

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it’s not that easy, please remember this behaviour also influences applications like dolphin etc… but having this option just in the device-connection-icon of the tray would help a lot but then the overall-behaviour wouldn’t be consistent (you would have this option in the tray but not in apps like dolphin could confuse others). all in not that simple as it seems the first moment but it’s worth to implement it to plasma.

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