Preview for the selected file, not for the file under the mouse

Hello everybody
Is there a way to tell Dolphin to preview the selected file but not the one under the mouse ?
I would like to keep previewing the same selected file even when I move the mouse.

Right click on the information panel, uncheck “Show file info on hover” or similar.

Thank you for responding, but I don’t see this option in the information panel.
Right-clicking on the information panel gives me the following:

  • preview
  • read multimedia files
  • configure
  • date with short format
    (french to English quick translation )

In the configure menu I can only choose the information that should be displayed.

Dolphin version: 22.12.3
Debian bookworm

This option arrived in the next version.
It was added 10 months ago, first released in dolphin 23.08.

You will have to live without it until your distro updates your version.

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OK, I will, thank you!