Print Screen Not Working

Any ideas why? KDE Neon 6.0.3, X11.

Is spectacle installed?

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When in terminal I type spectacle I get a popup that I am used to seeing when executing Print Screen, and I get these errors:

qt.qml.typeresolution.cycle: Cyclic dependency detected between “qrc:/qt/qml/org/kde/desktop/private/TextFieldContextMenu.qml” and “qrc:/qt/qml/org/kde/desktop/MenuItem.qml”

You think my use of BleachBit did some damage? I run that on Administrator mode frequently to clean up space. Often finds a few gigs to clean.

Then if it’s installed, in system settings you can go to keyboard → shortcuts, find spectacle and assign the printscreen shortcut in “Launch Spectacle”.

I have no idea why it’s not assigned but this should fix it.

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OK, it’s working now. Maybe the BleachBit removed something? I had “no active shortcuts” all throughout there.

Edit: Now I hit “Defaults” and all the “no active shortcuts” filled in except for 2. Looks good now.

Well, I have no idea what exactly BleachBit cleans. In any case I would advise you to avoid using any applications if you aren’t sure on what they are doing to your system :slight_smile:


Don’t use BleachBit, it’s like cleaning your house with a flamethrower. You’ll encounter lots of random breakage and weirdness after using it.

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Thanks for your thoughts about BleachBit. I’ve uninstalled and it won’t use it anymore. The nice thing about a rolling release distro like Neon is that if I’ve done any damage it should be gradually fixed as new code is installed. For example, I installed over 1.5 GB of fresh code with the latest Discover updates, so my thinking is this - especially over time - does a good job of repairing any damages.

Just a reminder here: the worst damage that you or some malware or some innocent bug in any application can do is to mess your own files, and they don’t need to have root access to do so. The system is not a big deal: if system files are compromised in anyway you can reinstall your system, but you can’t recover your own files (unless you have a backup of these) :smiley:

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