Printing PDFs in OKULAR - a way to change default settings for page size permanently?

Hello everybody,

I’m on openSUSE Leap 15.5 with KDE Plasma 5.27.9.
I would like to change the default settings for PDF printing in OKULAR to 100% size permanently: every time I open the printing dialog I will also have to open the PDF-Options tab and change Scale Mode settings from ‘Fit to printable area’ (which will shrink page content for about 3-5 %) to ‘Fit to full page’ (screenshot attached). This makes printing a bit fiddly (if I’m using the right word).

Interestingly QPDFVIEW will printout to 100% by default while offering just a checkbox to change printout size to printer margins.

Is there anybody else encountering this phenomena? I’m with this for quite a while now and have not found a solution.

Dietmar Moehrlein

Okular default settings


just had a look at the changelog for OKULAR v23.08.0.
Seems like my issue used to be bug #463732 which is solved now.

Unfortunately OKULAR 23.08. from the KDE_Frameworks5 Repo uses KDE:Qt5 Repo (instead of my installed Qt5 LTS version), but this is too much of a change on my otherwise flawless working Leap 15.5.:

Note for openSUSE Leap users: Leap ships with a Qt LTS release, which is not recent enough for the newest Plasma. So to use KDE:Frameworks5, KDE:Qt5 is required. Some applications from third-party repos might not be installable as they require the specific version of Qt shipped with Leap.

Not too much of a problem,