Printing problems in plasma 6

So there are several forms of weird behavior that plasma 6 is engaging in when it comes to printing. When I try to print in Okular, the whole pdf becomes black and white and blurry and I have to restart the application. Also Okular is unable to print a range of pages like 11-15. The printer prints out an error message about incomplete session by time out or something.

Gnome’s evince prints without any problems, even inside plasma.

Any tips on what could be going on?

I’m using the latest archlinux, plasma 6, and IPP driverless printing over a network with avahi.


By the way I love the new plasma 6, it’s just got a few kinks to be ironed out.

That sounds to me like an issue with the app Okular rather than anything Plasma is doing with printer. Is there an update for Okular maybe? You might trying printing a test page with something basic, like Kate or your web browser.

In the Plasma Printer Manager the only thing it really does is help with the printer setup. After that, it’s not involved in the actual printing process from an application.


At least one bug regarding printing has been fixed in Okular 24.02.1 (released today) according to the change log

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Thanks for the response!

Or maybe it could be Qt problem?