Private Internet Access VPN

Since the plasma 6 update my PIA VPN won’t work. When run from the terminal I get (among a lot of other stuff) this at the end:

Warning: Program ‘/opt/piavpn/bin/pia-client’ crashed.

file:///opt/piavpn/qml/QtQuick/Dialogs/DefaultFileDialog.qml:102:33: QML Settings: Failed to initialize QSettings instance. Status code is: 1
file:///opt/piavpn/qml/QtQuick/Dialogs/DefaultFileDialog.qml:102:33: QML Settings: The following application identifiers have not been set: QVector(“organizationName”, “organizationDomain”)
qt.qpa.wayland: Failed to load client buffer integration: “wayland-egl”
qt.qpa.wayland: Available client buffer integrations: ()

Clearly Wayland is the issue, but I don’t know what to do to resolve the issue.
If anyone has any suggestions I’d be greatly appreciative.

Are you sure it isn’t also happening on X11? I think mine is acting the same way there, but I will have to re-check. I will check when I return home shortly. Worst case is to tell it to use xwayland for the time being.

I am thinking it may be more of a Qt version problem at first glance.

EDIT yes, it works in X11.
I get lots of crash reports from it, and have submitted a support request with PIA

Ok, yes, an easy quick fix:

Open the menu editor (right-click on the Application Launcher icon)
Find the PIA entry
edit the “Program” line to add QT_QPA_PLATFORM=xcb in front of the text already there.

It is still probably an Qt problem, as this is what PIA are using for the application. They are using some embedded Qt5 libraries. I remember Viber stropped working when KDE moved to Plasma 5/Qt 5 or somewhere around then, and the fix was to ditch its included Qt libs, which forced it to use the newer system ones.

What’s the content of /opt/piavpn/plugins/wayland-graphics-integration-client ?

There isn’t one.

$ ls -1 /opt/piavpn/plugins

The contents of /opt/piavpn/plugins/wayland-shell-integration/ :

$ ls -1 /opt/piavpn/plugins/wayland-shell-integration/

PIA Version: v3.5.5 build 08091

That explains why it’s not working. The package is missing necessary files. Please contact PIA about this, they are distributing broken software

I have already filed a ticket, maybe others need to do so as well.

…/and have received a reply, providing info that they are working on it, and to edit the autostart :

  1. If you prefer using Wayland over X11, you have to modify the PIA GUI client auto-start file. Follow the steps below for instructions

    Open the auto-start file using any text editor. The auto-start file for the PIA client is located at ~/.config/autostart/pia-client.desktop
    Look for the line that contains the following: Exec=/opt/piavpn/bin/pia-client %u --quiet
    Change it into: Exec=env XDG_SESSION_TYPE=X11 /opt/piavpn/bin/pia-client %u --quiet

  2. If you do NOT want to edit anything, you need to manually start the PIA client each time using the following command: XDG_SESSION_TYPE=X11 /opt/piavpn/bin/pia-client

I don’t know why I never thought to modify the autostart script, probably because I don’t use it myself.

Of course it works fine in Gnome’s Wayland implementation :confused:

Thanks! This worked.
I’ve sent those automated crash reports dmp files. Maybe that will help. Don’t know. :confused:

Qt5 applications default to running under XWayland on Gnome Wayland, so the issue is masked

So, why did it stop using xwayland like it did in Plasma 5?
But that is moot I guess, as PIA are aware of and working on this.

I actually submitted a support ticket, in the hopes a human might see it :smiley:
And apparently some did :smiley:

Note the on Gnome.

It was always using Wayland on Plasma, and presumably was always broken

Actually, PIA have an update, will see if it fixes things here.

Edit: nope.

I also filed with PIA.

I got it to work by adding WAYLAND_DISPLAY= to the Environment Variable section of the properties window