Problem installing neon unstable

After clicking on the neon unstable Install System icon I get an installer error. Calamares Initialization Failed - The following modules could not be loaded- users@users.
Is there a work around?

Getting the same. Calling @jriddell ! Help us please!

Jonathan is away at the moment. Pinging @scarlettmoore !

Hello Scarlett. We are getting this:

when trying to install the latest Unstable Edition (neon-developer-20230918-1603.iso). Any ideas?

Yes, I am working on it! I have rebuilt calamares ( which should fix it as likely a new boost or other important lib was updated ) I am now working on a new ISO. Thanks for your patience!

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Rebuild did not fix it. It is missing an internal library which according to build log it was linked, but no where to be found in the install stage… Seeking help upstream.

Ah! Okay. Thanks for taking the trouble. I hope it doesn’t give you too much of a headache. Luck :crossed_fingers: !

Latest ISO is now fixed, thanks for your patience.


Working for me now. Thanks Scarlett!

Thanks for sorting it out. It now works fine for me.