Problem with Akonadi and a lot of kde application

When I try to start a kde application be it korganizer or kmail it appears

~$ korganizer
Connecting to deprecated signal QDBusConnectionInterface::serviceOwnerChanged(QString,QString,QString)
org.kde.pim.akonadiserver: Starting up the Akonadi Server…
org.kde.pim.akonadiserver: database server stopped unexpectedly
org.kde.pim.akonadiserver: Database process exited unexpectedly during initial connection!
org.kde.pim.akonadiserver: executable: “/usr/sbin/mysqld”
org.kde.pim.akonadiserver: arguments: (“–defaults-file=/home/stefano/.local/share/akonadi/mysql.conf”, “–datadir=/home/stefano/.local/share/akonadi/db_data/”, “–socket=/run/user/1000/akonadi/mysql.socket”, “–pid-file=/run/user/1000/akonadi/”)
org.kde.pim.akonadiserver: stdout: “”
org.kde.pim.akonadiserver: stderr: “”
org.kde.pim.akonadiserver: exit code: 1
org.kde.pim.akonadiserver: process error: “Unknown error”
org.kde.pim.akonadiserver: Shutting down AkonadiServer…
org.kde.pim.akonadicontrol: Application ‘/usr/bin/akonadiserver’ exited normally…
org.kde.pim.korganizer: Search failed: “”
Errore di segmentazione

This is a “segmentation fault” error which means wrong memory access. Could you please write this bug report (as it’s a bug) to

When you do, make sure to include a backtrace of the crash, and not just that text. Because it’d the first thing I’ll ask for when I see the bug report!