Problem with Arch Linux and KDE Plasma

I recently installed Arch Linux with KDE. When I try to log in from the lock screen, I only see a black screen with a mouse cursor. Initially, I noticed I could choose between X11 and Wayland on the login screen. Switching to X11 resolved the issue temporarily.

However, after a few reboots, I encountered the black screen again. This time, the lock screen doesn’t appear, and I no longer have the option to choose between X11 and Wayland. I did not experience this problem with GNOME, but I prefer KDE’s look and feel.

I would appreciate any help or suggestions to resolve this issue.

are you using the proprietary nvidia drivers?

can you get to grub at least?

Yes I’m using proprietary nvidia drivers and I can get to the grub menu

This is a known issue with Nvidia drivers and Wayland. The new Plasma 6.1 with Nvidia new 555 driver should solve this, in the meantime try the workaround steps discussed in this forum post: [SOLVED] Plasma 6 Wayland+Nvidia black screen and mouse cursor only / Newbie Corner / Arch Linux Forums