Problem with Custom Rendering profiles

I wanted to create an efficient rending of my project for use on YouTube. So I downloaded a couple of user created profiles to test them out.
Both of them carry the warning when I select them as follows:

This render preset uses a ‘profile’ parameter.
Unless you know what you are doing you will probably have to change it to ‘mlt_profile’.

So I headed off to the help pages a checked out render profile parameters. The page exists but it is empty:

What’s going on here?
How do you change the Profile Parameter?
What’s the best way of achieving an acceptable quality video for YT? What settings should I use?


Where did you get them from?

The documentation has been moved to, and the old pages tell the users and have a link to the new location (I checked the link you posted). The new documentation can be searched :wink:

The pages you may be interested in are about Render Preset Categories and Render Profile Parameters. Please note that some sections of the documentation are not up to date. The whole Kdenlive manual is being overhauled as we speak.

  • Via the download icon within the Render dialog.

Thanks for the links!

No worries.

If you are interested in what the MLT profile parameter is and why Kdenlive issues the warning you’ll find a good description here

I’ve looked through those pages but I still cannot see where I need to make the substitution of the ‘mlt_profile’ and what to.

First, I would check whether the render preset works or throws errors. If there are errors, I would check whether they have to do with the profile parameter and the naming convention. If it requires the parameter to be mlt_profile you can easily change that in the render preset XML file using any text editor of your choice.

Looks like a change in the parameter name to better reflect the underlying renderer.

Project->Render->find the preset->Edit preset->Other->Additional parameters, it’s a text box, edit with keyboard. Follow the suggestion to rename profile to mlt_profile, despite whatever preset used in that downloaded profile might exist, the available options can be seen under /usr/share/mlt-7/profiles/.

Follow Youtube’s own recommendation. This one below should reflect that page for 1080p@30fps, feel free to adjust as needed:

<profile category="Youtube" name="1080p30fps" extension="mp4" defaultaudioquality="0" defaultaudiobitrate="0" args="acodec=aac aq=%audioquality ar=48000 bf=2 channels=2 coder=cabac colorspace=bt709 crf=%quality f=mp4 g=15 pix_fmt=yuv420p progressive=1 sc_threshold=0 vcodec=libx264" defaultquality="23" defaultbitrate="0"/>

You might want to change defaultquality but I find that 23 gives about 15-16 Mbps, which is double of what Youtube recommends, so should be more than enough. Of course you may crank it to 0 to get basically lossless quality, only to find that Youtube will compress it like hell as if it’s 28 if not worse.


@leledumbo thank you. That helped.