Problem with freeze frame and combining effects

Working on a video in Kdenlive v22.04.3 on Windows 10. I have a segment with picture-in-picture set up using the Transform and Edge Crop effects. When it’s just those two it works fine, looks exactly how I want it to. The problem comes when I add Freeze to the effects stack (to freeze the smaller picture for part of the video while the larger one continues playing). When Freeze was at the bottom of the stack, the other effects would drop out as soon as it hit the target frame - the clip froze correctly, but it took up the entire screen instead of just the corner it was supposed to occupy. I moved Freeze to the top of the stack, and now the clip stays tiny, but the bit that I cropped out shows up again. Moving the other effects around in the stack, or putting Freeze in the middle, doesn’t appear to change anything compared to having Freeze at the top. Anyone know what might be going on here and how I can fix it?

(worst case, I suppose I can put the small video in a separate project, crop it there, export it, and then use the edited clip in my main video, but if there’s a more efficient solution then I’d like to learn it)

Yep, doesn’t work and cannot be fixed unless you open a bug report in and the devs then do something about how MLT treats and applies effects. There are other effects that are applied to the original clip regardless and hence don’t work as part of an effect stack.

The workaround is this: Move the playhead to the frame where you want the PIP to freeze. Then hide the effects for that clip so you have it full frame in the project monitor. Then right-click in the project monitor and select Extract Frame to Project. Once done cut the clip right there (Shift + R) and delete the newly created clip (the one to the right of the playhead) from the timeline (or move it out of the way in case you want the freeze only for a few seconds and then continue). Then put the extracted frame from the bin to this position. Select the previous clip, enable all effects and drag them one by one to the clip with the frame (or press Ctrl+C, select the frame clip, right-click and select Paste Effects). If needed adjust the duration of the frame clip. Voila: A freeze frame!

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Thank you! I just had a moment that I was able to experiment with this workaround and it got me exactly the result that I wanted.

Excellent! Glad it works for you …