Problems when browsing NFS shares with Dolphin

I am encountering issues when using Dolphin to browse NFS shares and I am asking myself whether this is commonly experienced.

In particular, if I try to access nfs://myserver.local I see the “export” directory of my server, but:

  • if I click on it I get an Invalid protocol error and nothing more;
  • if I click “Open in new tab”, Dolphin opens a tab that corresponds to a random share on the server, mistakenly showing it as an empty directory;
  • if I click “Open in new window”, Dolphin opens a new window bringing me to my home directory.

Honestly I do not remember if this ever worked for me before. On the other hand, when I mount the share through mount and/or fstab, everything works smoothly.

In addition, under the “Remote” / “Network” location, I can see the discoverable SMB servers but not NFS servers. Is there no discoverability for NFS servers in Dolphin?

Thanks y’all in advance!

Edit to add: running KDE 5.27.10 under Fedora 39.

What do you mean by that?
If you have a mount procedure setup in fstab or systemd f.ex, the directory where it is mounted should not act differently than any other directory.

If it is a matter of you wanting to MOUNT through dolphin then, I have no clue how to do that (I have never tired), but I can see problems doing it that way. Doesn’t Dolphin always mount it in the /run directory?

You may be missing kde-zeroconf , or whatever your distro provides as a package for this, as well as nfs-common, perhaps.

My NAS NFS shares are accessible from Dolphin, located in the Network Services directory in the Network folder on the sidebar. I add useful remote dirs to Places as needed.

For stable, long-term configurations I always resort to fstab. For occasional use and troubleshooting, using the file manager can be convenient. Dolphin should use KIO to access network shares, so I believe it does not technically mount them.

Using KIO instead of system mounts seems to be the way recommended by KDE devs, by the way.

Thank you for the answer. I believe all the relevant packages are installed on my system. avahi-browse from terminal shows a bunch of stuff. The zeroconf KIO is accessible through the “Network Services” icon under “Network”, but shows an empty directory.

The answer to this question made my NAS NFS shares appear in Dolphin under “Network Services”

Thank you. Indeed it seems one has to properly configure Avahi to make NFS discoverable. This answers the second part of my post.

I dodn’t have to configure anything, just make sure that I have installednfs-common and kde-zeroconf. For me, the shares don’t show in the Network Services dir immediately after doing this, but take a few moments and/or a directory refresh after installing these.

This is on Kubuntu and KDE neon.

I had no idea about this, and it seems bonkers to me.
I do a LOT in cli. With this, kde expects me to start dolphin every time I want something mounted instead of letting my system handle mounts, like on any linux system.

To me this seems very backwards but I appreciate learning about it.

I have systemd setup with mounts and sometimes automounts and that is how I want my SYSTEM to handle my mounts, if KDE can’t respect/work with that, well, KDE would have to go, not my systemd mounts.

I have no problem with my setup though. When I boot, open dolphin and accesses anything on the filesystem, my automount is being triggered and my mount appears under “remote”. My “normal” systemd mounts are already mounted.

A very, very late reply, but running on Plasma 6.0.1 I mount NFS shares from my Synology to Dolphin using fstab. I’ll add the permissions at device/IP level on Synology Control Centre for Shared Folders, and then put an entry into fstab, for example ;

<yourlocalNFSIPAddeess>:/$NFSMOUNTPATH$ /mnt/$YourLOCALMNT$ nfs defaults,user,noauto, 0 0

I have yet to have this fail, and if it does, it’s because it’s a block on the Synology level from the IP address of the client changing. Hope this helps!