Propper Bitwarden integration into Linux libsecret's dbus API

Today I asked myself, why exactly is it not possible to use Bitwarden instead of KDE/Gnome Passwordmanager? So I saddled the horses and made my way into the wild wild web to find an answer to my question.

First stop: Bitwarden Community:
It seems like there’s an open feature request for this. Great!
TL;DR; Bitwarden hasnt fixed it yet, but is open for PullRequest on Github

Next Stop: Community Projects:
Seems like there’s a Native Client bitw
Also a GUI as Flatpak Goldwarden seems not wrong.

What do you think, should this be a thing, to use that in addtition to KWallet/GNOME Passwords?

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I use it with a browser extension in addition to the browser storage of the passwords. That works perfectly fine for my usage of it.

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Well, yes. You are right.

I also need to sync my ssh/gpg info on every system, I need to setup my accounts on every system for mail, nextcloud, and all my WIFI keys, which KDE prompts me to save in the password store. Same with WireGuard.

I just want to do it once (except maybe the ssh key, where it’s pretty easy to add multiple to a target).

I get it: “if you want that komfort, go buy some M$ Windows, :apple: OS, …”

I just think, it should be easier, to make it not stop for the casual user.

That is just a matter of copying the .ssh and .gnupg directories to the new system. At least that is all it takes every time I do it with them along with the other . files/directories I sync like my .bash* and the .config. .kde … directories . I agree it could be easier for it to be more integrated who knows if they do it.

Shure. The change it on one system.
Put it in Syncthing or a private git? Imho there need to be a propper, von manual solution I can install even my mom would be able to use…

I’ve definitely wondered the same thing. I would rather have only one password manager – and since I can take Vaultwarden anywhere, that rules out the system PW manager for me. It’s also more straightforward to update a password using only one PW manager, and the prompts from a different one you don’t use can get annoying. There would be value in allowing us to supersede the default.