Proxy creation kills Kdenlive

Just started happening. If I try to “Proxy” a video clip Kdenlive dies. Same if I set Settings>Configure Kdenlive to make proxies for all clips added. I can import projects that already have proxies previously created. Thoughts?

Hi JeffB, and welcome to the forum and community.

Which OS and version of Kdenlive are you using? Is it the installed version or the appimage/standalone?

I’m using the installed version 24.02.01 on Windows 10.

I tried install an earlier version but the same thing happened.

Was it also a 24 release, or did you go back to a 23 release (e.g. 23.08.5 - very stable)?

It may also be the source video that is tripping up Kdenlive. Perhaps you run it through Handbrake or use ffmpeg from a Windows prompt and simply have it encoded in a different container, say from .mpeg to .mov or .mkv

I didn’t see 23.0.8 in the archives. Where might I find it? I tried 23.0.4. I used projects that encoded fine a couple of days ago. It worked fine then!

Well, then think about what has changed. For example, an OS update, a change to ffmpeg, new camera (which may record things differently). Or you may be running out of disk space.

Try this link for the 23.08.5 installable, or this link for the standalone version.

If you want to test other 23.08 releases follow this link.

Thanks for the links. I tried uninstalling Kden and trying other versions as I said earlier. Uninstalling doesn’t get rid of everything as options I selected in the “bad” version were in the newly installed version. Do you have an idea of how to completely uninstall so that I can make a fresh start?

Well…that didn’t work. I uninstall my current version and erased all the files I thought were associated with it. Installed 23.08.5 and the same thing happened. When running 23.08.5 it “remembered” my old project so I clearly didn’t get a fresh/new install! Still puzzling this thing out. I can always just run it without proxies but…

One more, where does the standalone version reside so I can run it? Thanks again for all the help…

Success! I found the standalone and it work just fine creating proxies. It still “remembered” past projects so there is still a file with stuff that it accessed. But…it worked so thanks again for all the help.

I lied! The standalone also is now dying when I try to create a proxy!! It also “remembers” old project so I clearly have not installed it fresh and really started over. An idea where it is picking up of projects from?

I suggest you read the Windows Issues section of the Kdenlive Manual.
There is also a list of folders Kdenlive uses.

Thanks again, I’ll try a clean install later.

Thanks for all your help.

I deleted the files you listed and reinstalled the standalone. It’s now working fine…

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Wonderful! Glad it worked. Could you mark the post as solved so that others with similar issues find the solution easier? Thanks.

Where do I mark it solved?