Push-to-talk implementation for Plasma?

My use case is that I have multiple applications/browsers that I use for audio (and sometimes video) communications, and I found that the Plasma global shortcut for muting the microphone to be very useful - I can mute and unmute myself in conference calls without requiring the conference call application to be the currently active one - so I can look at other applications and even type, and can still immediately jump back into the call without having to hunt for the conference call window.

I think that having that function in a “push-to-talk” mode to be even more useful - instead of unmuting myself and then having to remember to hit the correct shortcut to re-mute, maybe I can just hold a global shortcut and have the microphone unmute only while the shortcut is held.

Maybe someone already has a script or something for that functionality? If you do - please share :smile:


I wish this would be implemented in KDE without needing any scripts. I don’t use push to talk, but this seems like a good feature. Also this could help people switch to Wayland that have trouble with Discord not having push to talk on Wayland (seems to be a showstopper for many people).

There is a feature request for kmix using push to talk: 421495 – Feature request: push-to-talk (PTT) for recording streams/microphones
Although I think this probably fits better elsewhere since not all people that would like that feature have kmix installed.

I’ve subscribed to that bug report, though I think it is a bit too ambitious: I would be happy with just a shortcut that disables microphone mute details while held.

Looking at the global shortcuts Wayland protocol, I believe it says that it notifies the app at both shortcut press and shortcut release, so an app can be created. I may investigate that.

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Agree. Systemsettings->Shortcuts>Audio Volume has a Mute Microphone option. Adding a Push to talk option shortcut there would be enough (or enable Microphone while held if you wanna call it that). I think Wayland only would also be fine.

Sounds promising. Would that need to be a app or could this be a shortcut setting in Systemsetting?

I don’t think I can be of help developing, but if you want me to test it, just call me.

The way Wayland global shortcuts are set up, and Plasma implementation, when an app registers for shortcuts - it gets listed in system settings.