Qt option in Brave browser

I just noticed this (duuh), dunno how long it’s been around, but there’s an option to run Brave browser in Qt. I have no idea if it’s availble in other chromium based browsers, but it’s kinda cool.
Personally I had some small issues with Oomox generated gtk themes and the gtk 3.0 gtk.css only goes so far. So I run it in a Kvantum override and it seems to work just fine.




I’m not sure when they gave us that option, but I just turned it on. Thanks for pointing it out.

dzon, have you tried the extension Tabliss? It’s a pain in the butt to paste in all the links, but having several columns of links on the start page is reminiscent of Firefox. Once you get it set the way you want, you can export the settings. I’ve been using it for a few months and it’s very good.

I try to use as little as possible extensions on Brave, preferably ones that use more css than anything else. As far as a new tab page goes,Humble New Tab is the one I used to go for. As far as columns go, lightweight, you won’t find any better. Took some pics from the web:

I’ve set Brave ( which is my daily, allowed to know what I’m doing, browser) to fully strict and only use 4 extensions ( selection search, tab activate, youtube tweaks and open as popup).
As far as Firefox goes, I run that one ( mostly in ssb’s) with a arkenfox user.js and randomized containers. So it isn’t set to new tab page at all but, as far as the default goes ( not the ssb’s of course) set to blank. As for “looks”, that’s all css in the userChrome and userContent files ( autohidden bookmarks bar, no tab when only one…etc).

If you refer to this, ungoogled chromium had this for a while now, iirc.

Yep, that’s it. I stumbled upon it. No idea when it was implemented.

Humble New Tab looks good. I will check it out sir.