Qt6 Carousel Widget test

I am currently working on developing a bunch of new widgets for Qt6. These widgets are all implemented in C++ and are not based on QML. My goal is to give Qt C++ the same design capabilities as QML, but without relying on JavaScript and QML itself. To achieve this, my partner is actively working on writing bindings for Facebook Yoga’s Flexbox layout engine (see here https://yogalayout.com/) . The inclusion of Yoga’s Flexbox will significantly enhance the design and layout capabilities of the Qt C++ widgets. This will enable us to create more dynamic and responsive user interfaces without having to rely on QML and JavaScript.

The Carousel widget is fairly basic at this point but does have a timer and a timer toggle.

My goal is to bring this inline with what we see in the windows app store as seen below.

Would you have any reservations about using widgets that resemble what we currently see with Microsoft’s WinUI 3? Personally, I think WinUI 3 widgets are really nice.