Qtpaths6 missing in qt6-base on KDE Neon


I just noticed that on KDE Neon
/usr/lib/qt6/bin/qtpaths6 does not exist,
however /usr/lib/qt6/bin/qtpaths is a broken link to it…

I have updated qt6-base to the latest version 6.6.2-0xneon+22.04+jammy+release+build88.

I am not sure if this forum is the right place to report such an issue, if not please feel free to direct me to an appropriate location.


It should be part of package qt6-base-dev-tools at /usr/bin/qtpaths6
If you have the package installed and it is missing this is probably a packaging bug you can report Log in to KDE Bugtracking System

Merci beaucoup! That did the trick.

Hello Folks, I hope I am at the right place for the following issue with KMM 5.1.3 for KDE Neon User addition and lately updated plasma 6:
I need to map my Vanguard investment account. However after selection of the institution screen and entering the ID & Password, I get the message of "Sorry no accounts are available…
However, I still have KMM 5.0.2 in other (kubuntu) partition, where as all my accounts are listed following a similar mapping process.
This may be a glitch in KMM 5.1.3.
I need some help here. Thank you!

Probably ask your question in the Topics tagged kmymoney category.

It seems some settings were not ported over automatically.

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Reported as 482393 – qtpaths6 is missing in qt6-base.