Question about dolphin's file already exists dialog, apply to all

When the file already exists dialog shows that the files seem to be identical, does “apply to all” care about that and only auto applies the selected option to other files that seem identical, or will it also apply the option to files that do not seem identical? If it does not care about that, is there a way to do that?

Basically, a copy operation failed because dolphin crashed and upon redoing the operation I want to skip those files that have already been copied successfully, but overwrite anything that was incompletely copied

That has no bearing on the copy - it is merely informational.

Treat it like the title, top line and the bottom lines are all that is there…

File Already Exists

This action will overwrite the destination

Rename?   Skip?    Overwrite?  Cancel?   

with a check box to do the same action to every identically named file found

is there a way to do that?

Since Dolphin copies one file at a time, only one file will be different.

diff [source dir] [dest dir]  

and it will be the one with the newest date in the destination folder, since their modification date can only be set after they have finished being written to, so you can find the rogue file by looking for the top or bottom when ordered by modified date

If you want to use a sledgehammer to crack a walnut,

rsync -avhP [source files] [dest dir]    

It is unquestionably a better tool for moving data, but I ain’t gonna try to persuade you to use it since you’d have to install it only to use it this once, and as you say, “Names Are Bloat”, and it is totally unnecessary when you could simply look at the directory…

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There are some request features for this.
For instance:

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I get the idea of an “only overwrite files whose size/date differs” option for both updating a second location with changed files from the first, and (although it would be better to cure root cause as opposed to a better plaster for) those truncated as a result of dolphin / KIO transfer crashing…

Adding conditionals on how files differ past a “is it close enough size/date-wise” is only going to make it messy… Not simply because to perform a shasum on a large file on a USB2 stick to discover if you really do need to replace a non-identical file, and then doing so would take longer than writing over it to start with.

Even rsync only has flags to ignore size differences and newer or all date differences when deciding what to transfer, not how (past -updating older files ) they differ.

But I think it’s better for drive health to not unecessarily overwrite stuff. Sure, it makes not much of a difference if you do it once, but I think it adds up.

It does… But you need to do a lot of adding up…

And you’d probably not be adding up those sorts of numbers through a desktop interface, no matter how many times you had to manually restart a copy operation.