Question about kdialog scripts and qdbus in Plasma6

Hi Community,

I use the command “qdbus” command in some “kdialog” shell scripts for graphical display.


   # initiate the progress bar
   progress=$(kdialog --title "Kernel-Remover" --progressbar "Delete selected old kernel packages")
   qdbus $progress showCancelButton false

Unfortunately, the “qdbus” command no longer exists under Plasma6. There is a package “qdbus-qt6” which unfortunately has no effect and does not fix the error.

qdbus-qt6/jammy,jammy,jammy 6.6.2-0xneon+22.04+jammy+release+build67 all
  Dummy transitional

Question: Can I safely install the old qdbus package and if so, which one, so that my kdialog script works again?

# apt search qdbus
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qdbus/jammy,jammy 4:5.15.12+p22.04+vrelease+git20240113.1139-0 all
  Qt 5 D-Bus tool — dummy transitional package

qdbus-qt5/jammy 5.15.12+p22.04+vrelease+git20240113.1139-0 amd64
  Qt 5 D-Bus tool

qdbus-qt5-dbgsym/jammy 5.15.12+p22.04+vrelease+git20240113.1139-0 amd64
  debug symbols for qdbus-qt5

qdbus-qt6/jammy,jammy,now 6.6.2-0xneon+22.04+jammy+release+build67 all  [installiert]
  Dummy transitional