Question on back up for plasma and apps

i wanna do a new install and do some customisations like changing the appearance with the global theme and colors and window decorations and also some customisations to Kontact in the calendar and kmail. just stuff like this.

after the install and customisations i want to make a backup so if i need to reinstall i have all these changes made and dont have to do it all again.

is it possible to do a backup that remembers all these types of customisations with kbackup? on the left of the window in kbackup there is a list to check off what to save in backkup, what folders to i need to backup in the options available to save these settings?

if this doesnt work or not possible, how to i make a backup of these settings so i dont have to do all this again?

i prefer a kde app but will use something else if kde doesnt support this.

thanks for any answers!

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I use Timeshift for system snapshots, then back-in-time for hourly backups to HDD.

Also look at konsave for saving themes/configs.

konsave didn’t work for me migrating to a new install… i had to recreate everything.

bits and pieces would come thru but it was not worth picking thru.

seems more geared toward themes and fonts which didn’t help me at all because i just use breeze and all my fonts are system installed, not user fonts.

But… OP stated specifically that they did appearance/theme/colours etc.

As for my case, my main appearance tweak is the colour scheme, I have 3 main variations (light, middling, dark) and the main issue with those is that they don’t affect colour schemes in editors… so I use Konsave to switch from ‘Comfort’ to ‘Office’ when I’m gonna use spreadsheets 'n stuff.

These would absolutely be available via konsave - but would only work with the current USER data which would be backed up with an rsync from back-in-time to an external disk.

For new installations (a totally different use case) one should also keep a pkglist to install to a new installation, which WOULD include any fonts installed.

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thanks for helping me! maybe i didnt use the good terminology so i will try to do better. what i want maybe is to create a image like done with norton ghost but i want to use a kde app if one is available so i try to only use kde if possible but i dont know if kde has something like this.

i’m ok with backing up the stuff like documents and files and photos and stuff like that but what i want is to do a new install of os and make all the customisation settings i like that are things like changing the colors that appear in the calender or with libreoffice or the breeze theme colors and install all the apps i use so that then when the next time comes to do a new install i have a clean image that has not been used so i can install it and then run the updates and dont have to worry about adding the app and changing color settings etc. bcause this takes a lot of time to do each time needed. i save all files & folders to backup and then reinstall them after this. im also getting new computer so i want this one and new one to be all the same so this will save me time to.

do kde have something like norton ghost program? i also see a nonkde app called clonezilla that says it is like norton ghost and it works with luks also cause i have luks encrytption. do timeshift do what i look for? maybe if no kde i could do clonezilla or timeshift. please tell me your thoughts im new to this and trying to learn.

i hoping this makes it better to know what i look for. thanks for the help!!

when it comes to duplicating existing structure, foxclone, clonezilla and rescuezilla are for when you want to duplicate an entire disk, partitions and all and gparted is for when you want to copy just a single partition.

but with these tools you won’t be able to select just the KDE destkop setup… it’s an all or nothing kind of thing.

what you and i both want is to be able to take a KDE setup, with all our preferences and applications, to any new user or any new install of linux provided it has the KDE desktop environment installed.

such a KDE program does not exist, but it probably should.

What about something that just makes a backup of dot files? Something like Konsave. I’ve never used it but have been meaning to.

I use Restic to backup my home folder and then just copy it out to the destination as needed.

The main feature of Restic for me is that I can mount the backup as a folder and copy out just the things I need - which for the purpose of reproducing the Plasma configuration is ~/.config and ~/.local

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thanks for the info and i was hopeful a program was there somewhere but i cant find it. im thinking i will try out the options mentioned here and just see what works best. i dont want to go overkill but also dont want issues recovering so i will do some testing. ive put this off long enough and now it needs to be done so the testing will begin soon!

thanks for the detailed info! im gonna give it a try and see how it goes.