Quick Launch Icon Size

When i set up a quick launch widget how i like i on the desktop and then restart or even relog the icon size will jump to this large size and looks out of place

is there anything i can do to make it keep the icon size between restarts?

the size i want…

the size after restart

re upping this for visibility.

any ideas?

or should i just file a bug report?

Is just the icon size resetting, or is the widget itself resetting its size, and the icons are simply growing or shrinking accordingly to fill the new widget size?

hard to know (chicken and egg problem)

obviously the widget has resized because it still shows all the icons and the edit mode handles have moved position

but no idea if it’s a minimum icon size being enforced causing the widget to grow…or

if the widget itself has a minimum size that’s being enforced and the icons are just going along for the ride.

the size change only occurs after a relog/restart, i can switch virtual desktops or even activities and it will hold the smaller size i’ve set via edit mode.

btw, this ONLY happens when the widget is sized into a vertical display as shown… when creating the widget and adding items to it, the default is that it grows horizontally.

it’s only after i resize it to get the vertical orientation that this behavior starts.

edit: also i’ve managed to get it to hold the size i want by resizing it smaller and then restarting… so it only seems to jump to the next size, if that helps.