Random logging out

So not only is the shutting down problem there, now eversince wednesday my System of KDEneon once or twice per day Devices to log me out once I open a Program. That always causes me to have to restart my entire PC. I feel like eversince the plasma 6.1 Update, it gradually looses functionality…

This sounds a lot like a crash.

If your run drkonqi-coredump-gui, does it list any crashes?

Seems to me, like there where no crashes ever

Kwin crashes rarely get into the coredump store. I’m not sure why. Its also possible that the coredump store broke somehow - I’m also missing reports for crashes I know happened. I’ll check that later.

I’m the mean time - if you get a “random logout”, after you log back in, please run - in your terminal - journalctl --user --unit plasma-kwin_wayland.service -S -5min (assuming you log in within 5 minutes from the supposed crash) and see if you can spot any problems.

I have had this happen to me as well. It does seem random. First the screen goes white, then it goes black with a cursor, then simply resets to the login screen. Other times the screen just goes black with the cursor and never recovers, forcing a reboot. No indication of a crash in logs, and even the glitch does not behave like a normal crash. I use Xorg so its not the usual Wayland oddness.

It happened again, I inserted that command,
Terminal:“-- No entlies --”

Aren’t you using Wayland?

No, i am Using X11