RAW photos very slow in Gwenview

Is there a way to speed up RAW photos load time in Gwenview - it takes up to 5 seconds just to show one photo.
Thank you.

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Difficult to say no info raw image sizes Vs computer age and specs, cpu, ram, swap ?

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It is slow not because of a hardware. I am also using windows program “fast stone viewer” in “bottles” and it opens raw photos in an instant. Tried other image viewers like “PhotoQT”, “gthumb” and they are also as slow as Gwenview. Maybe my system needs a special driver for RAW?

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I uninstalled Gwenview and now I use Nomacs (I think it is the fastest/best image viewer for Linux).


Just curious, but what are your machine specs and what drive(s) are you using?
What camera are you using?

While I agree that gwenview is zloow at loading raw images, Nomacs is by no means the best linux image viewer. It doesn’t respect settings, tabs are a mess, parts of the fonts are unreadable, thumbnails are often blurred etc etc aaand it doesn’t load/execute custom desktop applications. In terms of lightweight viewers, qimgv does a much better job. And that one loads RAW images just as fast.
For example, Nomacs fails a desktop/wallpaper application:

Whereas with qimgv, you can load scripts, desktop applications that work. Sure, they use assigned shortcuts but, like me, you can always create the functions within the application file itself.

Moreover, it has a nicer ui overall and, unlike nomacs, a file panel that doesn’t drive you nuts.

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