Redesign Spectacle

Plasma 6 has changed many things for good, I think many of the things that were redesigned were very elegant, but I think there is a problem with some applications of the system are very out of tune with plasma 6, I think they need a redesign, like Spectacle, I did not know where to post this so I make a topic here and I attach a mockup I made.



I’m sorry if this is a vague mockup, but I think it would be a good base, I was thinking of including a switch to change between screen capture and recording mode, but I didn’t find a good idea for that, anyway the idea is that the button changes from taking screenshots to recording.


To align it more with Kirigami’s UI, maybe you keep the top bar with its save, copy, and export buttons, and remove the export from the creator tools section. I’m not sure if the record button matches with the guidelines, it seems more mac-like than KDE, especially with the centred styling.

You probably still want the screenshot preview as part of the window, so maybe your UI can be a replacement for the sidebar?

I do quite like your area, desktop and window selectors, and would love to see them integrated into spectacle :smile:

I’ve got same feeling. It would be good those buttons visible as first class ui part but not one step behind.

  • ‘Save’ for quck save without rename/relocate.
  • ‘Save As …’ for rename/relocate.
  • ‘Export’ quick imgur share link
  • Also annotation tools must as already there
  • Preview area. Without preview, ‘trial and error’ could be more burden. capture - see - again cycle would become capture - come back - (launch annotation tool?) - again.

I might prefer discoverability than other values.

I was struggling to understand what these… buttons were, and I was about to ask for a clarification. :roll_eyes:

BTW: I like the switched instead of checkboxes. And as a matter of fact, it seems to me like all kirigami application should use switched, and not checkboxes, but maybe I’m biased.

Yes, it’s a bit ambiguous at first, maybe the inclusion of some text or a tooltip would be beneficial in this case.

imho, if an icon doesn’t doesn’t convey a message, then I don’t see any reason for that


the loss of the preview is a major downgrade

the icons do not convey the meaning well (and it’s missing 2 others)

there’s no on click option

the menu is gone, so how do i save my screen cap?

the flat UI for tools area is not speaking to me

and the record button does what? not clear.

Funny how taste differs. One of the things that positively surprised me when I switched to Plasma is how cool spectacle is. Oh and - whatever you do - please don’t start putting functions or settings behind icons where it’s not at all obvious that they are buttons and you have no idea what will happen when you click on them. If you like that, Gnome or Budgie would be worth a look :innocent:

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Having a screenshot taken on startup and displayed right there is definitely useful. Let’s not consider removing that.

My main issue with Spectacle’s UI is that its logical organization is out of order. In a flow-driven app like this, I would expect the user’s tasks to be organized from left to right, top to bottom. Here it’s a little messier:

  • The “Screenshot”/“Recording” sidebar is on the right; when used, it will replace the preview on the left.
  • Most of the toolbar items are specific to the image that was taken. Yet, they are visually organized like a parent of the sidebar that initiates a new image or video in the first place.

If I were to tweak Spectacle, I would try to organize it the other way:

|         |    Toolbar    |
|         |---------------|
| Sidebar |               |
|         |    Preview    |
|         |               |

This could also make sense from a space utilization point of view. The screenshot is usually much wider than it is tall. This leaves a lot of vertical space unused, the white bars in the screenshot above. Use that space for image actions, instead of pushing the sidebar down and making the app even taller.

Perhaps move Configure and Help into the sidebar, making the remainder of the toolbar entirely image-focused.