Refreshing a component into the wallpaper setting

Hello, I don’t know if it’s the right place for that, but here is my question :

I have made a plugin for wallpaper (the repo is here). For that, I have just duplicated the default image plugin.

Now I want to add the slideshow plugin into it because some user want my plugin to work with.

Knowing that the code between image and slideshow is very similar, I just have modified my code, and now I can switch between those two via a checkbox.

You can find the new code into the “feat/slideshow” branch of the repo.

But, I have a problem with the slideshow component when I click on my checkbox :

  • I open the wallpaper config popup
  • Choose my plugin
  • Click on the slideshow checkbox
  • The list of wallpaper shows an error message “No items found”
  • I click on save
  • (the wallpaper change dynamically on the background, so it works)
  • reopen the wallpaper config popup
  • and now the list of wallpaper is ok

So my thought is : when I click on the checkbox, I need to refresh something for having the list of the wallpaper up to date. It is possible in the present configuration ? If yes, how can I do that ?

The screen with the error message is here :

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I suggest you to upstream the feature as the feature looks popular in KDE Store.

Hi, sorry but I don’t understand your answer :sweat_smile:

The plugin is already into the kde store : Active blur -

They are suggesting you upstream it to KDE :eyes:

If I’m not mistaken it would go here: KDE Plasma Addons

Ho ok :slight_smile:

Yes, why not I made a pr soon

Should be plasma-workspace. I think the feature deserves to be part of the default wallpaper plugin.

Yes, IMO it makes more sense as a checkbox in the Image and Slideshow wallpaper plugins than a whole new plugin.

On the other hand… what about other wallpaper plugins too? Maybe it makes the most sense as a KWin effect that can apply to any wallpaper plugin.

Is that what you’re talking about?

And in the option KWin Scripts ?

Edit : I have started something GitHub - bouteillerAlan/activeblur: tentative to export blurredwallpaper to a kwin script to be able to use it with all types of wallpaper plugins