Reimagine - Wallpaper submission

I am trying my hand at this. Hopefully it is a more successful attempt.


Not a huge fan of the color, but I love the style, great job !

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I think the beauty of this design is that it would work equally well in different hues too.


Did you have a specific hue in mind ? I will definitely try some others, and post them to this thread.

Here is an alternative hue.


I prefer this one better, but that’s just because I’ve never been a huge fan of purple

As Paul_Brown said, the cool thing about your design is that the hue doesn’t really matter.
In fact, for my taste, I would lower the saturation to make it almost entirely gray, with just some tint of blue, and I think that it will still look amazing !

Once again, great job, I love it !

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Thank you. I will definitely be working on these suggestions and hopefully something great comes out of it.


Kudos! Overall I really like your design.Concerning purple’ish wallpapers… I agree, it’s also not my cup of tea. Never would use one of these, but I guess that’s a matter of taste.

Hmmh, but maybe this one could also work as a semi-transparent colour neutral one, where you can set the tinting in Plasma itself (as it’s already possible when setting wallpaper placement to center or tiled).

This is a quick and dirty with your orginal picture, hope you don’t mind. Just desaturated and set to 66% Opacity in Krita, tint colours set in the wallpaper settings:

Plasma Blue:

Slate grey:

keep my fingers crossed for you in the contest.


I’ll try and create a git repo link with the source file and a few variations of this. I am in no way an artist professionally or even a designer I’m just doing this to be included in as a KDE wallpaper the laptop would be a super bonus.

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KDE blue (#1D99F3) would be a good one to try. Maybe also SUSE green. I like the purple, although personally I would go a little darker.

Here is the Reimagine repo for the source file and some of the PNG edits.


I think I have gotten so far from the original version of this that I think I may have to submit a new submission. This is the one I am currently on. I used the breeze blue colors for this.


This is gorgeous. nice!

Thank you. I mainly would love to have my work showcased in Plasma. So if I don’t win and am somehow still in a plasma release I’d still be ecstatic.

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So I think this will be my final iteration of this. I have used some colors from previous Plasma wallpapers from Ken Vermette as inspiration on this one.