Remaking the Facebook group page for KDE neon

As the current Facebook group page on Facebook, “KDE Neon Users” (KDE Neon Users | Facebook), has been occupied by spams and the admins and moderators haven’t actually maintained the group page, some members and I have decided to remake the Facebook group page: “KDE neon unofficial fan page” (KDE neon unofficial fan page | Facebook).

As of today I am the only admin of this new group page, and planning to have more volunteers who would be willing to become admins or moderators so that we can handpick each post for approval and reject spams.

Now I’d like to request legal permission to use the product logo and screenshot images in the new Facebook group page. Who should I contact?

Update (9/4/2023) - Renamed the new facebook page “KDE neon” “KDE neon unofficial fan page”.

I am not exactly sure what you want to do? Is this a fanpage or do you officially want to promote neon?

My guess is that the KDE e. V. holds the legal rights, so maybe contact them?
Or get in touch with the KDE promo team?

Pinging @ngraham @Paul_Brown since they may know.

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Thanks Duha. At this moment I am planning to make this Facebook group page unofficial because I am not an employee of KDE e.V.

We are pretty lenient with the use of names and trademarks. We want to encourage the creation of grassroots communities, not discourage it.

That said, please make sure your users are aware of and follow the KDE Code of Conduct.

We also frown upon disparaging and comparing to other open source projects, as we understand we are all on the same side and frequently collaborate with other FLOSS communities in events and projects. Yes, that includes GNOME, probably the community we most closely work with.

If you would like a series of ready-made guidelines for your group, check out the rules we have for KDE’s Reddit community.


Heya, I currently admin the Kubuntu Facebook group. It had turned into a neglected spam haven last year as well. It took a while, but I have managed to rid it of spam and am rebuilding the community. If you need some help, let me know. I use Neon as my daily driver, with Kubi installed on an external for testing.

You do not need to go to the extreme lengths of approving every post as that gets burdensome fast, nor do you want to irreversibly make it a closed “member only” group as this significantly limits spontaneous or casual interactions as posts cannot be seen outside the group, and thus significantly limits your community building potential.

What I did was use Facebook’s “Admin Assist” tools, and set up a series of filters that deal with 99% of the spam automatically while allowing users to post without having to be members. Very few spams get through, and posters are free to do as they please without needing approval.

The best thing to do is limit video cross posting (no shared from facebook vids) and building a list of common keywords you will find on spam posts, most often hash tags. It really does not take much, and admining it is pretty easy.

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Thanks @Paul_Brown and @shadow .

It’s been 3 weeks since I rebuilt the neon fan page in Facebook. There are some 20 members and some of them said they appreciated this project. I have only seen one spam and I could reject it in the post approval state.

I will keep managing the unofficial Facebook page until the admins and moderators of the official KDE neon page comes back and remove those spams.

How would you feel about maintaining and keeping clean the official page? We know the people who are listed as mods and my guess they have moved on, so maybe we can ask them to or share the credentials or make you a mod and you can take over.

The list of users in the unofficial page is not that long and I am pretty sure they would not mind moving, as the unofficial group is still very young and does not have a massive amount of content yet.

What do you say, @Culip ?

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I think that will work even better for the majority of KDE neon users :wink:

Update (Sept 18, 2023). I was promoted to a moderator of the official Facebook page for KDE neon.

I have removed ~20 all spam posts. And I am planning to shutdown the temporary unofficial page within a few days.

Now we need more volunteers to housekeep in the official Facebook page. (I will figure out how to add more moderators without messing around with this KDE Discuss site.)

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Wow! Congrats. For the record, I had not made it to asking the current mods (it was on my TODO for today), but well done!

I have removed ~20 all spam posts. And I am planning to shutdown the temporary unofficial page within a few days.

Great! Will look for people to help out.