Remapping keys such as F13

I’m using latest KDE 5 in Wayland session. I’m not really interested on X11 side of things.

The problem is that KDE in shortcuts uses names like “Tools” that are bound to some key, I find that my F13 is actually using it. Like F13 is same as “Tools”. While this might be useful with some laptop or whatever I actually want to dismantle these defaults. But I can not figure out how to do that.

There is a file /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/inet that defines a lot of these default like: key <FK13> {[XF86Tools]};
But is Wayland (or rather KWin in Wayland session) actually using these? And if it is, how would one define these for userspace?

It’s rather annoying that I see the key as Tools or Launch or whatever rather than F13, F14 etc. The “Tools” means nothing, why is there no just the actual key. Where do these mappings happen?

Back in the day, we had keyboards that had 24 function keys. 122 key keyboards

When we moved from dumb terminals to PCs and accessing the mainframes and AS/400s, we ended up with 102 key keyboards, but if you needed to use the F13 through F24, you had to use CTL+F1 to make F13, so if any of your shortcut keys are using CTL+Fx then there will be some conflict.

You should be able to remap those key combos to whatever you choose.

Problem is more so that KDE does convert the F13 key into “Tools” key or maybe “XF86Tools” internally, as well other F13+ keys become Launch1, Launch2 and whatever Open Email. It’s very misleading instead of saying F13, F14 etc. I just want them to bind to F13-24, not Tools, Launch, Browser, VolumeDown etc.

Where is the config file that determines that key is for “Tools”. I want to dismantle that connection and define my own. I have tried looking around but I just can’t find anything. Makes me think that these are maybe hardcoded somewhere. Is there even a place where you can remap keys in KWin Wayland? Making shortcuts is different.

Under Input Devices → Keyboard → Advanced there is option like
But I’m lost how to even start using this or if it even solves the issue. And isn’t this X11 thing and not Wayland thing?

The only thing I can find is using the search in shortcuts.