Remote Control Works But Clicks Not Registering

Hi. Using KDE Connect on Mint 21/Mate. My phone is a flip phone, (TCL Flip2). All functions seem to work fine, but when using remote control, the clicks don’t register. Mouse pointer is seen on the screen, and right-click causes ‘back’ action, as expected, but nothing that is clicked registers as clicked.

I also have a Blu Tank Flip phone, and remote control works fine on that, (clicks and all).

I think I know what’s going on, but not technically enough to use the proper terms. I’ve found out by trying to use different Google Voice Access app versions, that at some point, it seems like these type of apps largely switched to touch event instead of tap event for input. If I try to use a Google Voice Access app later than version 4.0, when I say “swipe down”, for example, there is a visual indicator of a swipe, but nothing happens on the screen, whereas with v4.0 and down, the function works fine. I bet this is the case with KDE Connect remote control, so I wonder if any way to change the input event type from touch to tap, or if any other ideas?

Or, since the Blu phone is able to work with those things, (yes, works with new versions of Voice Access also), apparently there’s some property available/enabled in the phone that isn’t in the other phone. Maybe that could be added or modded…

BTW - my guess about tap vs. touch is based on the fact that in adb shell, using ‘input tap xx xx’ works fine, so I guess the remote input app must not be using that.