Remove characters in specific positions with KRename

I have a bunch of folders named “[2001] - title”, “[2002] - title” etc…, and I want to convert them to the pattern “2001 - title”, “2002 - title”. I’m coming from Thunar where this is very easy to do with the batch renamer, one simply specifies the removal of all characters from position 0 to 1, and then again from position 4 to 5. How can I do this in KRename?

If they’re all named with the same template (bracket, 4 numbers, bracket, rest of file name) then I would use this [$2;4][$7-[length]].

There is a button called “Insert Part of Filename…” which lets you select an area to keep.

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A similar way to the suggestion from @jackh, under 4. Filename in the Simple Filename section, change the Filename: to Custom name and use [$2-5][$7-] which gives you characters 2 to 5, then character 7 onward.

I’ve marked carmanaught’s post as the solution since it looks a little simpler, but thanks to both of you.