Remove space in the left and right edges of panel

When panel is maximized there are a few pixels of space in the eft and right edges of panel:
Sample screenshot

When I want to hit menu icon I need to pay attention, which is not what I want. I’d like to be able just move mouse to the screen edge / corner and click to open menu.

this seems like a bug.

if you have your panel set up like this, it should go all the way to the edge as indicated by the move arrows.

tap on that Maximize Panel button while ur in there.


Panel touches the edges but menu icon doesn’t. Have you checked it, actually? On what distribution? I checked on KDE Neon stable.

kubuntu with 5.27

i’m just saying it’s not supposed to be like that so you should report the bug.

one last thing to try is edit mode, then hover over the applications launcher section of the panel and make sure its’ shoved all the way into the corner.

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